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SpendThrift Trust

We help you lawfully defer taxes, help you increase privacy, protect IP and nest egg and build generational wealth.  The complex structure allows you to protect many different types of holdings and still allows a great deal of flexibility.

What Is The Trust?

What Is The Copyright Trust?

Our Specialized Copyright Trusts are designed for those clients who have the most to protect, either now or in the future, and the susceptibility to liability that goes along with their success.

Once exclusively the asset protection and management vehicle of choice for captains of industry and the most prominent wealthy families in the United States, the Copyright Spendthrift Trust is designed for those whose lifework has earned them significant assets and for those who plan to accumulate estates of means.

The lifestyle and the future financial goals of most families and individuals depend on their household security.  Without that security, their lives could change immediately, and the comfort of their future could be drastically altered.

Asset protection planning is proactive legal action that protects your assets from future creditors, divorce, lawsuits or judgements.  This involves a series of legal and lawful techniques that can deter a lawsuit. It can also provide you with settlement negotiation power.  Most importantly, it can help prevent the seizure of your assets in the event of a judgment.

There are several powerful strategies that can help give your family greater security, as well as help you accomplish other financial goals.

The best time for estate planning and asset protection is  NOW, before a crisis overtakes you.  The Proprietary Organization strategies we provide is a sure and safe road to freedom providing the ultimate in tax advantages, asset protections, and privacy.  Our Proprietary Organization strategies have been one of the best-kept secrets of wealthy, financially sophisticated Americans for years.  Now they are available to  everyone.  Let’s sit down and talk, and you can decide if any of these strategies might be of interest to you.

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