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Wealth Protection

The costs of healthcare, restoring stolen or damaged property, and yes, even the loss of a loved one can take an enormous toll on your emotional and financial well being.


We have dedicated many years specializing on the retirement distribution phase; most people are not aware of a Triple Threat facing them:
1. Increasing Healthcare {IRMAA}
2. Income Cliff {if one spouse dies}
3. Longevity {the risk multiplier}


We have unique, next-gen financing strategies to make your business more cost-efficient to improve your ROI and help you grow!

Employee Benefits

Protecting your most valuable resource made easy! A comprehensive tax-deductible offering can help you attract and retain the talent you need to succeed.


In partnership with Greene Education, we are a premier provider of college admissions and financial aid services, plus with our community outreach program we bring different topics of interest to the workplace at no cost.

Value Based Healthcare

Find out how to increase revenue and mitigate penalties with no additional staffing requirements or coding necessary.

Improve RAF scores for Medicare Advantage and ACO contracts while you improve patient health and quality of care and meet CMS mandated standards of care

Improve your practice performance, ratings, and rankings now, and in the future as rules change.  You can increase patient engagement and revenue within the first 30 days!

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