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Main Advantages

We help you lawfully defer taxes, help you increase privacy, protect IP and nest egg and build generational wealth.  The complex structure allows you to protect many different types of holdings and still allows a great deal of flexibility.

What Is The Trust?

Advantages of This Trust

  • Every aspect of it is lawful. It is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court and other court decisions.

  • It is easy to establish, can be maintained by you and involves minimal paperwork. It greatly reduces or eliminates fees.

  • It is lawful in every state. A Spendthrift Trust properly established in one state can operate in any other state.

  • It is made irrevocable to avoid any questions as to ownership of the assets.

  • It prevents any information about your assets, liabilities and heirs from becoming public.


  • It can operate any lawful business anywhere in the world. It has limited liability and most of the advantages of a corporation with none of the disadvantages. 


  • It has no periodic reports or accounting to make to any state or government. 

  • It has the same constitutional rights as any individual, that is, the right to privacy, freedom from unwarranted search and seizure, to refrain from self-incrimination and all other rights. 

  • When the Spendthrift Trust is used in a legal manner and under the provisions of the Spendthrift, it is totally impenetrable by creditors, agencies, governments and is immune from transfer by operation of law. 

  • Your personal bankruptcy has no effect on the Spendthrift Trust assets.


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