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Accumulation to Distribution - We Cover Both Sides!


Retirement planning require such a level of ongoing attention that experienced professional advisors for the most part will concentrate on the accumulation phase, leaving aside major issues and perils that need to be taken in consideration to create guaranteed lifetime income in the distribution phase which is our specialty.


We begin by doing a full assessment-audit of all your retirement assets and use our state-of-the-art software to determine, manage and control what the cost of Medicare will be, avoiding IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amount) surcharges.


We are extremely meticulous at the same time creating tax diversification strategies in your retirement portfolio and put a special emphasis on longevity planning.

Why we are different than most retirement planning firms?


Primarily, we perform as part of a professional team, with all the upcoming and past changes in legislation you need to count on, not only with financial advice but also with fiscal and legal, so we have assembled all the necessary resources to get you through your planning regardless of what the government or lifestyle changes come your way in the future.


We have also developed numerous other administrative processes that can be tailored to meet a client’s particular needs; our disciplined approach to using advanced technology systems enables us to routinely review client portfolios, assure proper performance, and quickly identify challenges and opportunities for clients to benefit from newly developed ideas, solutions, and products.


With more than 30 years of experience in this field, we are considered industry leaders. By our counseling and guiding, you’ll soon realize that the success of your retirement depends not only on the amount you save or a reasonable rate of return, it is necessary also to include leverage, include market participation but eliminating the market declines.


Our goal is to provide for you a guaranteed lifetime income with survivor benefits and the opportunity of creating significance by extending it to your beneficiaries

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