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Making Working Capital Easy

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There Has Never Been a Better Time Than Now!

There has never been a better time than now to find the perfect loan for your business. We’re financial entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Let us go to work for you. Start by searching our list of available financing solutions.


How a Business Line
of Credit works?


A line of credit is the limit set between a borrower and a lender that defines the maximum amount allotted for the borrower to draw money from. If a line of credit is chosen upon, a borrower can borrow funds at the time and amount of their discretion, provided that the limit isn’t exceeded. The funds borrowed are taken from your available credit, like a credit card.


Why Use a Line of Credit?


A business line of credit possesses inherent flexibility that plays to the favor of the borrower. In contrast to a regular loan where you might borrow more than what you need and end up paying for the interest incurred by the entire loan amount, the borrower can take however much they need, when they need it, and only pay interest for the amount they draw. Once the borrowers make their monthly payments, the credit limit resets, and they can once again enjoy drawing from their available credit.


For example, if you need to put together a sum of money to fund your employees’ payroll during a dry spell that will probably last for months; or find yourself needing to promptly restock supplies constantly from a supplier that insists on cash-on-delivery, having a business line of credit ready would serve an immensely effective safety net. Business lines of credit can seal gaps in the cash flow big and small and can give the boost you need when there’s a golden opportunity just out of reach.

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Secured and Unsecured
Business Lines of Credit


Business lines of credit can be chiefly classified into secured and unsecured lines of credit. A secured line of credit makes use of collateral, i.e., valuable business assets such as Accounts Receivable, real estate or equipment to secure funds to use as capital. This presents a much less risky scenario for the lender, giving them an increased assurance that they’ll be reimbursed even if the borrower can’t pay them back in cash; hence, this makes them more comfortable approving larger credit limits and lower interest rates.


A business owner with sufficient assets can make use of them to back the credit limit, giving him or her better rates and a higher maximum amount of funds to draw from. An unsecured line of credit, on the other hand means that a business can qualify for a business line of credit without having to provide collateral. In order for a business to qualify, credit risk is determined using personal and business credit, length of time the business has been operating, type of industry and strength of the business sales.


If you are looking for hard money loans, construction loans, hard money equipment loans, and private lending for builders, or business funding, we are your source for financial lending solutions.

Blue Blazer

Even without an immediate need, businesses establish lines of credit now. Being prepared is smart. Business owners know opportunities and/or issues can arise fast and have committed working capital allows you to be ready for any financial situation:


  • Business Line of Credit

  • Real Estate Line of Credit

  • MCA Line of Credit

  • Inventory Line of Credit

  • Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit

  • Security-Based Stock Line of Credit

  • Loan Amounts From $2,500 to $750,000 With No Collateral Required

  • Loan Amounts From $750,000 to $10 Million With Collateral ( Real Estate, Inventory, A/R or Stocks)

  • 1st or 2nd Positions Line of Credit

  • 24 to 72 Hour Approvals

  • No Application or Maintenance Fees

  • Access Your Lines of Credit 24/7

  • A low Documentation and Streamlined Process

  • Early Pay Off Options Available

  • Less Than Perfect Credit

  • Interest is Tax-Deductible

  • Keeps You in Control of Your Business

  • Interest rates for a business line of credit lower than revenue-based loans

  • We Fund All Industries Except Non-Profits

Qualifying for Lines of Credit


Lines of Credit have repayment terms that are between 6 – 18 months. This means that every time the borrower draws from their line, they will select a term to pay it back between 6-18 months. Some borrowers want to save money on interest and may select a 6-month term or some borrowers may want a lower monthly payment and may select a 12- or 18-month terms. For this type of credit line, online lenders are a better choice than banks, since they have a much shorter application process and allows you to tap into the credit line on-demand. The requirements aren’t as rigorous as that of lines of credit offered by banks.


If this is the type of credit line you wish to apply for, these are the steps you will have to take:

1) Apply – Simply contact us to apply. This will take anywhere from five to 15 minutes.
2) Documentation – We do not ask for much information. For the most part, an application, a driver’s license, and the last three months of business bank statements are all that are needed.
3) Wait for the decision – Most of our lenders take a mere 24 hours to two business days to get back with a decision, significantly expediting the borrowing process and making your funds available much more quickly.

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Are Lines of Credit Tax-Deductible?

In general, purchases made with funds from a business line of credit may be tax-deductible. The interest paid on a business line of credit may also be tax-deductible. Please consult with a tax accountant prior to taking a deduction on your business tax returns.


How Will a Line of Credit
Affect Credit Score?

Business line of credit will typically not report on your personal credit profile because they are not a personal credit line. Only the credit inquiry at the time the application is submitted will show on a borrower’s personal credit but since this is a business line, the line itself will not report on a borrower’s personal credit. Business lines of credit are uniquely convenient and flexible because they provide financing when and where it is needed, with interest rates commensurate to how much credit is used. To add this handy option to your repertoire of financial tools, it’s important to keep your financial health and documents in check and have a good knowledge of the rates and offers that your chosen bank or online lender offers. Transparency about financials and a thriving presence on the internet are also widely favored amongst lenders.



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  • Import/Export, Receivables, Purchase Orders & Inventory Financing

  • Venture Capital & Angel Investors


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